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Purpose of the Dream Interpretation Center:

The Dream Interpretation Center is a place where are you able to have your dream accurately interpreted by a seasoned and mature Dream Master. A Dream Master is a person, whom after years of intensive training is developed, skilled, and gifted in the area of dreams. In order to obtain these skills it takes a relationship with God so that the interpretations are biblically sound. God is speaking to His people so profoundly thru dreams in this season. The world of dreams is rich and full of signs and symbols that can have a tremendous impact on your life.

The scripture bears witness to individuals having the ability of interpreting dreams with a level of accuracy.

In the bible we see that Joseph the dreamer in the scripture was in fact called a dream master.

Genesis 37:19 (TLB)
19 “Here comes that master-dreamer,” they exclaimed.


The Process:

The process of having a dream interpreted is very simple. Just submit your dream in the dream submission area. One of our dream masters will take the dream and return the interpretation to you in 7 days. In order to submit a dream you must have a monthly dream subscription. There are several ways to do this.

Monthly subscription $9.95 per month.

(Include 2 dreams interpreted per month)

One time interpretation $15.00 per dream

Annual membership $100.00

(Includes 3 dreams per month)


Why we Charge:

The reason that we charge for dream interpretations is simple. Dream interpretations are a valuable and serious area and we don’t take this lightly. Our Dream Masters work very hard to make sure your dream is sound and accurate. When you receive your dream interpretation back you can rest assure that the interpretation has been prayed over and that the interpreter has labored to provide accuracy.


Are you interested in learning how to interpret your own dreams?

Well NHF Dream Masters College is just the place for you!! Our school provides a biblical foundation of dream interpretation. Our curriculum features:

  • The importance of dreams
  • Secular vs. Biblical Interpretations of dreams
  • Different Types of Dreams
  • Signs, Symbols, and Similitudes
  • Methods of remembering dreams
  • And so much more!!!

Our classes that are held on location are taught by several of our current Dream Masters and they will provide dream interpretations as well as dream interpretation exercises right on the spot.

Not able to attend our location, not a problem we offer an online method in our Apostolic and Prophetic College that includes the Dream Masters College curriculum.

Hope you join us in whatever way best suits your needs and remember.


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