..:::New Hope Fellowship Church:::.. Church of God in Christ

New Hope Fellowship has a history of following the voice of God and being obedient to that voice. We are a church that seeks to follow the flow and timing of God. As you read our history you will find that we have made changes, according to that flow and timing; over the years that have brought us thus far. That obedience to the will of God will allow us to keep moving forward to the dawning of a New Day!

In the beginning we held the name of House of Prayer for all People and we had our very first service on January 3, 1993 at the Jonelle Center at 105th and Euclid Avenue. The service was very exciting and the house was packed. Over the years we have never lost that excitement about where God was planning to take this church and what the Lord was planning to do for us in every season.

In the year 1995 God moved us to change the name from House of Prayer for all People to the official incorporation of Justice Fellowship International and we began a new phase of progression in this ministry.

During this particular season of change God was moving even as we faced some adversities. The church began to grow to the point that we needed a building and we purchased one on 116th and Kinsman Avenue in Cleveland. Unfortunately the building was in poor shape, so we were unable to stay there for more than six months. The Lord then placed us into another building on East 93rd and Kinsman Avenue. Even in the midst of adversity and changes there was promotion in the atmosphere. During that time the Lord promoted our pastor, Joseph L. Prude to the office of the Apostle. It was also during that time that the Justice Fellowship International Fellowship of Churches was birthed. We initially planted churches in Columbus, Ohio; Baltimore, Maryland; Youngstown, Ohio; and other churches around the country and it is still growing.

While we were rejoicing at the blessings of God and still giving him all the praise and glory during our season of trials, the church on 93rd was sold from underneath us and we once again had to move. Our next location was the Christian and Family Outreach Center on Hough Avenue. While we were here Justice Fellowship Church birthed their first television ministry, bought television and editing equipment, and became the very first church in the city of Cleveland to broadcast on Public Access TV. We also started to do local radio on then WABQ. This was also a blessing of God because we were not a very large church at this point.

We ultimately had to move from the Christian and Family Outreach Center and as we set off on another pilgrimage we moved to a building on Galewood Avenue in the Collinwood area. During this time it seemed that God had us hidden, we were on a side street and no one could seem to find us. During this time the Lord grew us and matured us despite the afflictions and after a time we had to find another building.

The church then held services in several hotels until November of 2008 when the Lord blessed us with the building at 12328 St. Clair Avenue where we have found rest for this season.. In 2008 after all the changes and all the trials the Lord gave us a name change and we became New Hope Fellowship Church. In November of 2011 God blessed us to be able to move into a new building at 1409 Hayden Avenue in East Cleveland, Ohio 44112.

This is just a short synopsis of our history. We just wanted to take time to tell you where we have come from but we are more interested in you knowing where we are and where we are heading.

Thank you for deciding to embark on the journey with us and may God bless and keep you as you walk hand in hand with us as we allow the Lord to lead and guide us.